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About British Drug Smuggler and Gunboat Diplomacy (2)

31 December 2009

wrspring (

Is Gordon Brown the head of drug traffickers? Why he is so desperate?



If Britain intends to send one more drug trafficker to China, we will kill one; to send two more drug traffickers to China, we will slay a pair! Simple as that. Our sovereign rights are sacred and we will no longer allow the West to do whatever they wish to do to us. Funny, the head of a state would beg another country for the mercy to a drug trafficker! I’ve realised they are the descendants of the organised opium sellers sponsored by the state, no wonder even a mentally unsound man from there is able to bring 4kg drugs to China. It's phenomenal! I guess the normal Brits must be capable of trafficking heroin to the moon.


bmqpj (

It is British PM Brown who seems to have sort of mental illness, not that smart drug trafficker.

有精神障碍的是大英帝国的首相 -- 布狼,阿毛没有的。

有昵称 (

Mind, Vietnam recently has executed 5 Chinese drug traffickers. [It illustrates the difference between Chinese civilization and that of Britain, which might remind people that it could be a terrible disaster for the entire human race if the United Kingdom, a nation with a cultural legacy that is devoid of moral dimension and ignorant of justice and decency, is allowed to dominate the world again]



Don’t get angry with Brits. They like to promote their country as the safe heaven for drug traffickers. Let them be!


扣舷独笑斟北斗 (

What a joke! When the criminal activity of a drug trafficker in China was caught, the West would threaten Chinese with war. Do you think there is any real difference between today's Brits and their ancestors during the Opium War? Nope! They are exactly the same thugs who once burned Yuanming Garden.

You want to come to us with your gunboats again, right? Come, we are waiting for you. The Manchurian flunkies might kneel before you, but not we real Chinese.



stallar (

When you see Britain, you'll know what rogue state is; when you see British government, you'll know what means to be fake democrats and true colonists. It is a typical of Western civilisation that is so uncivilised: they love to use guns to knock open neighbours' doors, and force people to purchase their drugs. Anyone who thinks that the Westerners have been transformed from a bunch of pirates to a group of gentlemen in a few decades is extremely naive. The sad truth is, today’s Westerners share the same mentality with those who initiated the two world wars and enslaved the most of people in the planet.

什么叫流氓国家?看看英国就知道了. 什么叫假民主,真殖民?看看英国就知道了. 一个英国就是整体西方国家的代表,戴着礼帽拿着文明棍,用枪炮敲开别的国家的门,把毒品,殖民,侵略带到别的国家。全世界最具侵略性和掠夺性的就是白人,别以为才几十年时间,白种人就能从野蛮进化为文明。

旁观者清 (

Piracy and drug trafficking are two pillars of British traditions. [refer to its history]


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