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About British Drug Smuggler and Gunboat Diplomacy (1)

31 December 2009

The following are some online comments posted on Chinese language websites and the English translation:

quyuantinghe (

We finally know how to respect our own laws and uphold our national dignity.


80后所谓愤青 (

It's great, I support the execution of that drug smuggler! We need to teach a hard lesson to those who think they can do anything in China with a Western passport, such as the terrorists in Xinjiang!


孤帆~ (

Well done, Chinese court! The Westerners must not be granted any privileges in China, or the government will lost the support of its own people.

杀的好, 外国人不能有超国民待遇, 不然会伤中国老百姓的心。

棒棒兵 (

We should not forget that 150 years ago, Brits shipped opium to China and drugged Chinese people, and if local authority executed one of their drug traffickers, British army would massacre Chinese civilians as a way of collective punishment; that 100 years ago, the joint force of British and French troops occupied Beijing, and if the locals dared to kill any Westerners or Chinese Christians, running dogs of the Western Crusade against Chinese civilisation, an entire village or township would be destroyed by the aliens from the West; that 60 years ago at the time of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, a British warship would be bold enough to invade Chinese territory through Yangtze River and bombard Chinese cities …

We should also not forget what we’ve done today: We executed a British drug trafficker – which is exactly what our ancestors dreamed to accomplish.

想一想150年前,英国人把鸦片输入中国,毒害中国人民。那时的清政府如果杀一个洋人,引来得就是更加残酷的杀戮 …… 想一想110年前,英法联军攻入北京城,如果中国人杀了一个洋人或者“教民”,引来得是更加残酷的报复…… 想一想60年前,当解放军的号角已席卷河山,英国的“紫古英”号军舰还在长江口放肆 ……



Since BBC is so hysterical, I believe the execution of that British thug is damn right. After so many years, now at last we've acted like a man with guts.


Vuse (

Brits are so excited over the execution. They must all be on kind of drugs.


隐将河 (

The West frequently attack China for lacking independency in judicial system, but when a British criminal gets involved, they would demand Chinese government to interfere the judicial process. [To call these Westerners hypocrites is an understatement].


alex691020 (

Gordon Brown must have hoped he was dealing with China of 1840s ruled under the spineless Manchu. Sorry, you were born more than a century too later. Go blame your parents.


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