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Hope-hanging Climate Summit

15 December 2009

Woman: The climate is changing so fast ...

Man: Yep.

Woman: ... It becomes so windy

Man: Noted.

Woman: 'cause we fart too much ...

Man: May be.

Woman: Since we eat too much ...

Man: Somebody certainly does.

Woman: We need an urgent action ...

Man: I C.

Woman: We must reduce our food intake!

Man: I'm glad you eventually think so.

Woman: I propose we both reduce 50 percent of hotdog daily intake.

Man: No, that won't do. Currently you have 10 hotdogs a day, I only have one; after cut, you will still eat 5 a day, and I can only have half of a hotdog - I won't be able to survive on that.

Woman: Okay, I have second option: we both eat one less hotdog a day.

Man: Are you kidding? You want to starve me to death?

Woman (irritated): Then what's your proposal?

Man: I reduce 30 percent of hotdog consumption and you reduce 90 percent, in this case you still eat one third more than me, but considering your greedy-eating history, I prepare to give you a bit more time to adjust.

Woman (enraged): Hi man, listen to me, the Goddess of Liberty for Hotdog Eating, all humans have equal rights and equally obligations, which is the essence of democracy, why should I cut more intake than you?! Are you against liberty or democracy?

Man: ???

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