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A Daring Christmas Present

23 December 2009

On the Christmas Day, A Chinese Court generously handed a Christmas present to the West, in particular to American Armagaddonites, by offering their foot soldier Liu Xiaobo, one of China's most vocal anti-Chinese rights activists, a free accommodation in a Chinese prison for 11 years. China chose the holy holiday (though it’s not holy in China so it’s not a holiday) to issue the sentence, seemingly it wishes to reinforce its daring message that Chinese will not sit and see the Western Crusaders and their local agents to trash the Chinese civilisation.

The West was furious, understandably, and its fury highlights the combination of fear and swagger that characterises the Western mentality which reckons itself, still somehow, having a God-given right to dictate other nations’ jurisdiction system, and such right must not be challenged.

The West's fury has failed to scare the Chinese Court into reversal of their verdict but only convinces Chinese Netizens that Liu Xiaobo was indeed doing inside jobs for China’s antagonists and the sentence for such a high treason crime is just too lenient.

A petition is allegedly in preparation, urging a tougher sentence for Liu, the anti-human rights fighter, who once claimed he adored Adolf Hitler and repeatedly expressed his most cherished wish that is to see his own motherland to be invaded and colonized by the West for 300 years, at minimum, so as to entirely destroy Chinese culture, which he regards as having comprised with 98 percent of rubbish and being one of the biggest obstacles for Western-Christian hegemony.

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A great window opportunity has opened up for me. A spectacular outlook over there, don't you think?

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