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Happy New Year,
British Gunboat Captain!

Are You Ready for the 3rd Opium War?

30 December 2009

God save Captain Brown,
Sent him victories over Chinese,
Happiness from drug use,
And glory through
Defending criminals.

God save Captain Brown,
Long reign over Brits,
So the number of drug users
In Britain
In China
And in everywhere else
Can increase.

God save Captain Brown,
O Lord, our God, arise,
Scatter Chinese
- Brown’s enemies -
Out of China, and make them
Fall into drug abuse,
Confound Chinese judicial process
With politics,
Frustrate China’s attempts
To develop
And to flourish.

God save Captain Brown,
God will also save
British Bullshit Centre,
And the out-dated telegraph,
For sure.
Thy choicest gifts in British store,
Heroin, opium and war,
On Chinese be pleased to pour.

God save Captain Brown
Long may he reign,
And may he defend British rights
To smuggle drugs
That will kill human beings
In other countries,
And ever give drug traffickers cause
To sing with psychopathic voice:
God save Captain Brown.

And only God can save Captain Brown!

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