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A Chinese National Hero

3 November 2009

A Young Qian Xuesen

Since Sunday Chinese are in mourning for Qian Xuesen (钱学森), the father of China's space and missile programs. But Qian is more than that - he is also the pioneer of New Life Science that integrates Chinese Medicine, Chinese Qigong and Western technology into a holistic approach for exploring human potentials. And still, Qian is not just that - he is an embodiment of dignified China Spirit. His return to his motherland that by then was extremely poor, his service to his people which is utterly selfless, and his rejection of the honours and awards handed out to him by the United States, a country that once arrested and deported him during the McCarthy Era for no other reason but hostility towards a new China who dared to declare to the world that "Chinese people have stood up", makes him one of the greatest national heroes in Chinese history.

Chinese lay white flowers before Qian's portrait. Qian passed away peacefully on 31 October 2009 at 98.

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Qian's beautiful wife and sweet heart, a highly accomplished audio artist who grew up with Qian under one roof

Qian and his wife in their advanced age of eighties.

Qian and New China's founding father Mao Zedong

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