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Chinese Online Comments on
Obama's Planed Meeting
with Dalai Lama

13 November 2009


Obama knows what Dalai really is, and that the liberation of Tibet in 1959 is just like the liberation of the black slaves in America centuries ago, but he still wants to meet the slave owner Dalai, 'cause he just likes to make us feel sick.

人家啥都知道,但人家就是要见, 就是让你不舒服.


Yeah, he knows what he's doing, but he can't help it - it is determined by America's national strategy. We shall not hold out any false hope on Obama, but keep doing what we ought to do.

是啊!不是人家不懂,是人家一定要扼制你!这是人家的战略决定的~ 我们不要抱什么幻想,该怎么做就怎么做!


That's right, his plan to meet Dalai severs as timely reminder about America's true nature. Everybody on earth knows America is a two headed snake with double standards to measure everything under the sun. We shall prepare for the worst.



Why can't we also do something to make Americans feel sick?



The universe operates according to the law of karma. And what America has done to China will one day be done to itself sooner or later, ten times over.

天道好还, 中国有必伸之理; 人心效顺, 匹夫无不报之仇. 民意不可欺, 不可辱, 将来有机会, 我们要十倍加于其身.


We shall never allow Dalai to return to China to die, let him bury his old bones in India.



Let's just allow that old lama to make his last ditch before his final demise in exile.

说得对 一老驴子就让它折腾去吧 到时让他死哪搁哪.

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Chinese Online Comments
on the Fall
of the Berlin Wall



Israel is continuing to build the wall to confine the Palestinians, how come no one goes there to bring it down? It seems that the act of bringing down the Berlin Wall is nothing but a show.



Do you really think there will be any German bold enough to go to Israel to destroy Jewish wall?



Berlin Wall crumbled 20 years ago, but the Great Wall in China is still standing there firm and tall.




No wonder some eastern Germans and other guys from the former East Europe block hate China's guts: We are now all at our knees, how dare you are still on your feet standing up like a sore finger!

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