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Call for A New World Order

15 November 2009

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that if a change takes place within a human body, there will be a sign in his external appearance. From this point of view, it is easy to comprehend that the phenomenon in which we see US forces with military bases all over the world is just a symptom of serious problems that the United States is bringing to the humanity.

America’s global military presence works for the purpose of imposing its political hegemony, and its pursuit of the hegemony serves its objective of economic dominance and monopoly, while its obsession with the economic dominance and monopoly is out of the need to suppress opposition to and competition against American multinational corporations, which endeavour to achieve maximum profits with least resistance and at minimum cost.

When dealing with human illness, the Western Medicine would mainly focus on the parts where the symptoms manifested, but the Chinese Medicine will trace to the root of the problem, investigate the cause of the disorder, and tackle the issue through a holistic approach. From this regard, the best strategy to counter America’s military threat to the world is to promote a new world order.

Therefore China’s resurgence must not become a farce in which the world might witness a new superpower replacing the old, but should be a course to campaign for a true universal humanity, which has a balanced respect for the rights of every individuals, groups and nations, not a privileged few; which appreciates culture over profit, encourages cooperation over competition.

Some Chinese argue that while we oppose America’s attempt of hegemony, we shall accept America’s value of democracy and freedom. But that is plainly wrong. American-styled democracy in reality is nothing more than power struggle between political factions manipulated by the handful of big business donors in the name of the entire community through a theatrical show of voting. As for American-brand freedom, anyone bothers to open his eyes looking around the world will realise in no time that it only means one thing: America’s freedom to invade, exploit and enslave the people in other nations. If China adopts America’s value as such, which is also the core of the traditional Western value, it will be a real tragedy for China and a big disaster for the world.

But at the moment the West, in particular the United States, are incapable of or unwilling to acknowledge that they are violating other people’s rights to survive and to develop, thus they are not the solution but the problem for the troubled world that is unfair and unjust. Therefore we believe that they must be forced to see their true face in the mirror, sooner rather than later, if we ever want to have a chance to nurture a relatively civilised world in the 21st century.

Reference: The main point of a recent keynote address at a conference America’s Global Strategy and China’s Response (美国全方位主导战略与中国的应对方略) by Liu Yang (刘仰), the co-author of China Is Not Happy (《中国不高兴》):





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