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Chinese Condemnation
of EU's Condemnation
of China's Prosecution
of the Condemned Criminals (2)

1 November 2009



But you’ve got to admit the West seldom uses capital punishment, which must have something to do with their culture or religion.



Cut your crap. Who sent the heretics to be burned at the stake?



Lucky you didn’t mention Hammurabi's code drafted 4,000 years ago.



Alas, Hitler’s holocaust wasn't that long ago, how come you’ve already unable to recall it all together?

天哪, 希特勒残杀犹太人还没有过去多少年吧, 你老人家都忘了?


The point is by now there is no more death penalty in Europe.



That’s true, because those who might deserve to be executed wouldn't have a chance to be brought before court. European police would rather kill a hundred innocent than let a single criminal off the hook. A case in point is that British police who wrongly shot dead a Brazil young backpacker. Bad luck to you if you are killed by White police by mistake. Police are not responsible for your death, not at all - how civilised those Europeans indeed are!


In America, you will have no chance to argue with police, or you are virtually asking to be shot dead. Some time ago a mentally disturbed man carried a gun chasing after Chinese police – such a scene could never have happened in the United States. The serious offenders are normally killed at spot. When you include all these figures, the number of people executed in America is in fact much higher than that in China.



Honestly, the execution of these Tibetan terrorists came far too late. If it were handled promptly, there might not be such a big splash in Urumqi.



If my memory serves me correctly, during the Lhasa riot more than a hundred innocent lives were lost; why only two received capital punishment? Is the lives of ordinary Chinese so worthless?



Have the criminals executed already? If not, please hurry up. Don’t be afraid of the Westerners!



The Whites never care about Chinese lives, just think how many Chinese people have been killed by them. Their goal is non other but to obstruct China from reaching modernity, so they can continue to rule the world.

白x不在乎中国人的安全的, 死在他们手上的国人少了么? 他们只是找个借口, 最终的目的无非是打压中国, 阻止中国的经济发展, 然后他们可以永远的做我们的老子.


Each year in the National People’s Assembly meeting, there were always some “representatives”, I guess who were either paid by alien forces to do the job or have their own creepy reasons to do so, tabling a bill calling for abolishing death penalty. But each time the bill was rejected flatly. This shows that to maintain capital punishment in Chinese legal system is not only a government proposition but people’s will.



I would like to draw your attention. I reckon Europeans are trying to secure major commercial deals out of this incident. We should not give them a shit. If you put any mark on their toilet paper, they would soon turn it into a trump card to win a trick.

拜托, 我们要注意的是, 他们准备又拿这个来换点什么利益回去. 不鸟他就好了. 免得一张手纸给他们描点什么, 就成了牌了.


If we don’t execute these scoundrels, what we should do with them? Send them to Europe? Well, if EU accepts them, there is no problem with me.



That Swiss bully really enjoys meddling in other people's business.



EU should remind itself that it has no authority over Chinese government. Don’t get above yourself.



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Trio Forces at Work:
Violent terrorism, ethnic separatism and religious extremism
(or CIA, EU and Chinese traitors)


October 4, on the sea of Bohai Bay (渤海) off the coast of Shandong Province, three tornados emerged from a grim background of thick clouds, with the diameters estimated at 100 and 400 meters respectively. The trio sucked the water from the sea and channeled the streams to the murky force behind.

Geographically, the shape of China looks very much like a rooster, with Bohai Bay located at the position of throat, which may explain why China seems to have suffered from severe throat infection to the point it nearly lost its voice; when hit, it is unable to protest aloud, but grumbles a few meaningless words that nobody takes notice off.

China may need to take a double dose of antibiotics to flush the infectious virus out of its system, or it would become dumb and dumber.

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