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Chinese Condemnation
of EU's Condemnation
of China's Prosecution
of the Condemned Criminals (1)

1 November 2009

European Union's protest of China's prosecution of a pair of Tibetan terrorists over the violent riot in Lhasa, the capital city of China's Tibet Province, in May 2009 has attracted broad attention across Chinese language forums. The following are part of the responses on and English translation:


When Han and other ethnic Chinese were killed by Tibetan Independence mobs, where was the EU voice of justice?

When Han and other ethnic Chinese were killed by Uighur Independence mobs, where was the EU voice of justice?

Now when the mobs are prosecuted, the West suddenly begin to talk about human rights and condemns China for bringing the criminals to justice. I would like to ask them: Do you think Chinese civilians deserve to be killed? Do you regard those who killed innocent Chinese civilians are in fact your heroes?

汉族人和其他民族的人被藏独分子残忍杀害的时候,欧美的正义声音在哪里??汉族人和其他民族的人被疆独分子残忍杀害的时候,欧美的正义声音在哪里?. 现在惩治杀人凶手,欧美所谓的人权就开始打压中国,就开始反对严惩杀人凶手。难道在欧美国家的眼里,中国善良的人民都是该死的,而那些恶意杀害中国人的都是英雄?


Hi EU, I don’t remember you've ever condemned Americans for hanging Saddam Hussein.



Just a few days ago Yankee police shot dead a member of YSL allegedly involved in a conspiracy against the United States. Where were EU suckers by then?

前几天老美击毙一搞分裂美国的YSL, 欧盟那去了???


It really sucks! They see no evil in death penalties handed down by Americans, instead they reward the Obama with Nobel Peace Prize! They are so fraud!

CTM, 怎么不谴责美国的死刑,奥巴马这样的刽子手都能拿和平奖。太能装B了。


How come when the EU rogues drop bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan they cared nothing about the human rights?



I would like to consider all the so-called terrorists by EU’s definition are freedom fighters defending their human rights. I strongly condemn EU’s prosecution of those people and firmly demand them to be released immediately.



I'm amazed that the European robbers would have a cheek to denounce China for prosecution of terrorists. Hi, you hypocrites, please rebuild our Yuanmingyuan Garden that you burned down!



EU should return all the stolen relics to China and wipe clear the blood at its mouth corner before trying to climb to the moral high ground. A bunch of whores, that is what these people really are!



I think we should recommend the two murderers to be nominated as the candidates for Nobel Peace Prize, since by EU standards, they are peace activists.

我看应该授予两个刑事死刑犯诺贝尔和平奖, 因为他们在欧盟看来是和平人士.


Agreed. The Nobel Peace Prize has already become a pile of smelly shit …



Hypocrites are more sinister than rogues. However, I trust they’ll be forced to swallow what they spit out during their mortal days.



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Mao Zedong's Poem


A Human Scoundrel

This guy will surely go down history as one of the most notorious national traitors.


Agent lama: Your Holiness, Chinese court just sentenced our hit men to death, you've got to ask CIA to save their heroes.

Dalai Lama: A meeting has already been scheduled, and I'll talk to CIA's boss's boss after his visit to China. At the moment we have our EU affiliate to act as spokesman.

Agent lama: Aha, three players in one team with different roles. Which is good, and good, but, will EU be up to the job? I mean those idiots believe in human rights, you know.

Dalai Lama: No, they don't believe in human rights. They believe in hit-man's rights, because they consider only the fittest, who is able to hit out at other man, has rights to survive.

Agent lama: Yeah, you sure?

Dalai Lama: I'm positive. I reviewed their history and checked their records, and found their civilisation is very much based on the jungle laws.

Agent lama: O, Your Holiest Holiness, I'm so relieved. I thought we Tibetan Lamas are the only people who believe human lives are not of equal value.

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