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A Day in Shaolin Monastery
少林, 大乘胜地, 武林掌门

25 November 2009

Shaolin, home to Mahayana Buddhism and cradle of world martial arts.

With a history of more than 1,500 years behind, Shaolin monastery is a home to Mahayana Buddhism, a cradle to martial arts, and, along with Wudang of Daoist tradition, the indisputable regal seat of the world kung fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu is more than a martial art but a way of life and a path to enlightenment.

A typical Shaolin monks' day begins before dawn; and by the time the sun pups up, the monks have already finished their morning cession of cultivating spiritually and physically.

Shaolin masters' daily routine is busy with both Buddhist study ...

And Kung Fu training.

On the path of Shaolin, the Mahayana Buddhists are leaving their solid footprints in mundane life while firmly marching towards the pure land of enlightenment.

A Shaolin Monk Walking on Water

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