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The Museum of Chinese Scripts

20 November 2009

Anyang (安阳) in Henan Province (河南), where the legendary common ancestor of Han Chinese, Yellow Emperor, was believed to be born, educated and began his great business of establishing a Chinese nation some 5000 years ago, was the cradle of Chinese written language, the home to carapace bone script and the birthplace of I Ching. On November 16, 2009, the newly structured National Museum of Chinese Written Language opened its gate for public visitors, displaying the evolution of Chinese writing over thousands of years mainly through the relics unearth from ancient bury sites.

Ancient Chinese writing inscribed on columns.

A scene of ancient paper mill displayed in the museum. Paper-making technique was invented by Chinese Cai Lun during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD)

So far the earliest tangible evidence of the Chinese written language was a series of signs carved on objects 8,000 years ago recently unearthed in Henan (河南漯河舞阳贾湖遗址).

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