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Why China's Enemies Congregate In America?

5 November 2009

The following is English translation of the main point in an online article posted by 司马平邦 on titled 为什么中国的“敌人”都呆在美国?and a reviewer's sensible proposal:

The performance of Rebiya Kadeer and her World Uighur Congress has repeatedly demonstrated that they are the mastermind of the Urumqi riot on May 7. They did so through inciting ethnic hatred towards Han people among Uighurs by spreading rumours that 400 Uighur women were raped by Han men in Shaoguan incident. The killing spree of innocent Han by Uighur mobs has an appearance of ethnic conflict, but deep down it is a confrontation between China and the United States, and it is about how China is foolishly feeding a beast with her own flesh and blood.

China’s enemies – whether they are “political dissidents”, corrupted officials or violent separatists like Dalai Lama and Rebiya Kadeer - all call America home and are under the protection of the American Government.

Recently, America rejected China’s request to extradite East Turkistan terrorists released from Guantanamo Bay prison to China, instead helped them to find a permanent save heaven in a pacific island.

In America’s current China policy, that would support and sponsor any individuals and organisations that help unsettling and breaking up China, we see no democracy and compassion, but hatred and discrimination.

Why China’s national traitors are all in America is a big question for Chinese authority to contemplate. The age of globalisation can also be a time for some old colonists to resume their dream of hegemony. If China continues to allow those who believe “America is the world leader” (a quote by a student from China’s elite foreign relationship college) to have a decisive say in China’s foreign policy, the incidents of Lhasa riot in 2008 and Urumqi riot in 2009 will inevitably reoccur, probably in other part of China.






在这个讲究全球大同世界和谐的时代,潜滋暗长中的东西也并非全是善意和良知,亡我之心不死这样的道理看来还没有完全过时,通过7•5乌鲁木齐打砸抢烧杀事件,深以为中国官方对与美国相处的外交政策也须深刻反思. 现在看来,如果中国仍然固执一味地对美国的对华政策(包括其支持“反华”和“分裂中国”者的政策)奉行宽容和忍让,如果还让一群亲美的外交精英们举着“美国是世界的领导者”(这句话出自一位中国外交学院的研究生之口,可见这群中国外交精英们中毒之深)这样的价值观主导中国的外交政策和外交手段,2008年的拉萨事件、2009年的乌鲁木齐事件仍然会在中国其它地方重演。


The best strategy to counter CIA’s anti-China strategy is to adapt zero tolerance policy towards national traitors, to purge the internal agents of the external anti-China forces, and to eliminate the key collaborators.


Full Text in Chinese can be viewed from following link:

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