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A Brave Talk on Human Rights

17 November 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that all minorities should enjoy human rights, but did not mention if the majorities should also enjoy human rights equal to the minorities. However reading between the lines of his speech, we believe that he believes that the majorities, for instance the Han Chinese who count for over ninety percent of Chinese population and one fifth of the total world population, should have no human rights whatsoever, which is why he urged Chinese government to resume talks with the representatives of Dalai Lama who successfully had his men to slay dozens of Han and Muslin Chinese in Lhasa last March.

Chinese President Hu Jintao allegedly replied that he understood why Obama would think that people are born with unequal human rights and the majority should be suppressed by the minority, as it is how American empire operates in the world, but advised him to carefully guard his tongue and do not mention about this when talking about domestic issues back home in America.

Speaking at a news conference in Beijing, Obama said he had also told Hu Jintao about U.S. beliefs on human rights, including the rights to kill other humans, which is why he felt for Urghur killers who killed hundreds of Han Chinese in Urumqi.

Hu Jintao responded, also allegedly, that he respected Obama's sympathy for killers, since American soldiers are also killers in Iraq and in Afghanistan, but told him that China is a civilised nation for 5000 years, and like all other civilised nations on this planet, China believes that victims, not perpetrators, deserve justice and compassion.

Obama won the Nobel 屁's Prize this year for bravely talking about the human rights in American accent, which sounded so awesome that blew some Norwegians off! - "Hi, this guy is really bold - as an American, he dares to talk about human rights! We shall give him the award of Nobel, the father of the explosives, shall we? Yeah!"

In an address in Tokyo on Saturday, Obama stressed the importance of unequal human rights as a core U.S. value. International China-killer dogs have urged Obama to raise human rights for terrorists in Tibet and Xinjiang during his China visit.

Obama did not meet Tibet's exiled demon spirits' leader, the Dalai Lama, when he was in Washington in early October. But Dalai has said they may have a date after Obama returns from China, which condemns the lama as a separatist for demanding his mother nation to hand over a substantial portion of Tibetan land to India and give away one fifth of Chinese territory to be under lama rule as "Great Tibet" for America's military convenience.

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