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Stop, Revive and Survive

21 October 2009

The following is English translation of the main points of an online article posted by 晁晁 on titled Comments on Current China Problems (评吴敬琏《中国问题目前的症结》):

When initiating the economic reform, Deng Xiaoping pronounced clearly that if the practice breeds a new exploitative capitalist class and caused the wide division between rich and poor, the reform would have lost its purpose and bound for failure.

"Stop and retract will lead to nowhere," declared Mr Wu, a prominent Chinese economist with his influence extended into top Chinese decision making circle. It is a fair statement, of course, but first we must make sure we are heading in the right direction.

The current open market reform has brought a wide range of social problems, including the increased wealth gap, the erosion of social ethics, the official corruption, the business malpractice, the emergence of organized crimes, the growing number of drug and gambling addicts, the rising rates of marriage breakdown due to Western-style sexual liberation, the depletion of natural resource, the deterioration of national environment, just to name a few. In face of these serious constraints, should we not consider to take a brief pause to review our path and scrutinize our progress? Nobody in his right mind would think that to examine past footprints is equivalent to "stop and retract", as without this essential step we might go astray.

Deng Xiaoping repeatedly advised us to move ahead with economic reform slowly like "to cross a river by feeling each stone", which means we need to closely monitor our every step and prepare to revise and retry in order to revive and survive. The last thing we ought to do is to plunge into unknown streams.

But now we hear the fat cat capitalist reformists such as Mr Wu cry out from under the deep water: Hi, attention to everyone, note, at the moment the reform has entered a profundal zone and experienced unprecedented strong resistance, please bite our teeth in order to deepen the course.

Yet the action of entering profundal zone in itself is prohibited by the stone feeling strategy. How could your feel stones in deep water, after all? If we are indeed in such a situation, then we are trapped in a dangerous region that Deng warned us to keep away from, and we will have no choice but to "stop and retract" so as to save the entire crew and reform process.

Nevertheless, the capsize of the ship and the fate of the crew are not the concerns for Mr Wu and other fat cats, since these people care about nothing but how to catch big fish for themselves and their families; after exhausted the supply in shallow water, the urge of greed pushes them to venture into deep streams, and in so doing they drag the entire ship and crew with them.

Excerpt of the post in original Chinese text:




邓小平“摸着石头过河”论曾经是中国改革开放的指导,“摸着石头过河”是告戒中国改革要趟着来,趟着来就是摸摸走走,走走摸摸,摸对了就走一步,摸不对就停下,走错了就回来。这就是“摸着石头过河”。不是“搬着石头过河”,也不是扎猛子。搬着石头过河是“笨蛋”,不知好 ,累死无功。扎猛子是“楞头青”,不知深浅,非淹死不可。中国资改派就是这样的“笨蛋”和“楞头青”,他们扎猛子,还嫌扎得不够狠,速度不够快,于是他们加重份量搬着石头扎猛子,破水而入一头扎进泥里。最可笑之处是永不拔出永不退缩,说是要永不回头。



Some comments by the reviewers of the articles:


This guy must go, or he would bring endless trouble to the nation. And he should be investigated.

庆夫不去, 鲁难不已. 中央应该像对陈良宇那样查一查吴敬连, 看看是否有问题?


The top leadership in the central government must respond resolutely and swiftly, getting down to the root of all who betray the nation by assisting the foreign powers to push forward their political agenda and business objective in China at the expense of the majority of ordinary Chinese people.


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Birds: Hi People in Wuhan,
We Share the Sky

The birds: Hi our fellow creatures down there trapped in cages, please tell humans, we are entitled to our share of the land and the skies.

On October 15, thousands of silky starlings stormed the sky in city of Wuhan over the area of an animal prison, Wuhan Zoo.

Chinese President: Hi People in China,
We Share the Public Transport

During China's national day holiday in the beginning of the October, Chinese president Hu Jintao boarded on the urban train to communicate directly with the citizens as a way of examining the Beijing public transport system.

(Source of info/photo: 新华社)

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