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Relic of War

17 October 2009


Deng Zhengrong is a headman of a waterway cleanup team in China's most affluent coastal province Jiangsu. On 12th last month, when his crew worked on removing treacherous debris in a section of Yangtze River in Zhenjiang (镇江), a metal block wrapped with dark mud was scooped out.

Comparing to its moderate size, the object was found to be extremely heavy and required a crane to move it from one spot to another. Soon Mr Deng discovered the reason for it being so weighty - the metal object was no other but a cannon.

Mr Deng immediately dialled 110 to report to local police, and the police immediately informed local museum, and the museum immediately sent archaeologists to the scene.

Upon investigation, the archaeologists announced that this is not a portion of relic from ancient China, but a piece of evidence of alien invasion.

The aggressive aliens that carried the cannons to bombard the local Chinese were supposedly from Britain, a nation of war loving by tradition. On the weapon of mass destruction three English letters SJS and the mark of British royal crown are clearly visible.

It is confirmed that 铁的证据 (steel evidence) of the West's war against China was left by British Royal Army the Organised Drug Seller in July 1842 when it tried to force Chinese to purchase opium produced in British colonies in Asia by its Indian slaves.

Despite by then China was also under an alien rule, and the native Chinese were in the middle of the 200-year long bloody fight against one of the most primitive and destructive ethnic groups in human history, known as Manchurians, who originally migrated to China's northeast corner from Siberia and did not regard themselves as part of the 5,000-year old nation, the Chinese, nevertheless, did not believe they should accommodate one more group of belligerent aliens in their homeland, thus a battle to resist British invasion carried out. As a result, the cannon was destroyed and fell into the river.

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