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Relic of Peace
The Proof of Human Enlightenment

18 October 2009

It is recorded in various historical documents that after the physical body of Sakyamuni Buddha was cremated, among the sacred relics collected from the ashes, there were two intact teeth. Today the teeth are still with us, one in Sri Lanka and another kept in the Buddha Light Monastery (灵光寺) in Beijing.

A grand ceremony at Buddha Light Monastery marks the beginning of 20-day public worship of the sacred relic

The monastery was initially built more than one thousand years ago. However 720 years later in 1900 when the Eight Power Allied Force (八国联军) from the Europe forced their way into Beijing by cannons, the monastery was burned down to ground in the war. During the effort of cleaning the site for reconstruction, the relic of Buddha in a sandal wood box hidden in the foundation layer was discovered. In 1964, fifteen years after the establishment of the People's Republish China, a special stupa was complete to house the sacred object.

Since October 10 this year, the 98th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution that brought down the parasite regime of genocidal Manchurians, the symbol of peace and enlightenment is opening for publish worship, until the end of the month.

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