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Red and Black

25 October 2009

Reject blood-stained GDP

Bo Xilai, a courageous Chongqing new chief who fights a hard battle against criminal gangs within and outside the system and is hailed by the majority of people in China as a national hero


In 1997, Chongqing, a city in the mountainous inland China and once serviced as the temporary capital during the Anti-Japanese War, became the fourth municipality, after Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, to be under the direct control of the State Council. Since then, while its GDP grew at an unprecedented rate, so did the organised crimes, largely triggered by a nationwide GDP-oriented political and economical climate, in which the gangsters find opportunities to work their way to accumulate significant amount of wealth through robbing, stealing, deceiving and bribery. And then for the contributions they made to GDP growth, many of them would be invited for political participation, which allows these people to further corrupt the political, economic and law enforcement system in China. Rebiya Kadeer in Xinjiang is a case in point.

The real struggle here is not between the red government and the black gangsters, but the red elements within the government and the black elements also within the government but capped in red.

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The social perils are mainly derived not from the shortage in material assets but unfair distribution of wealth, and feeling of insecuirty and injustice. In other words, If we share the wealth, there will be no poor people; if we have hamoeous relationships, there will be no social outcasts; if our hearts feel content and at peace, there will be no civil unrest and turbulence.

--- by Confucian

Float of Chongqing as presented on the 60th National Day celebration on October 1.

Float of Sichuan as presented on the 60th National Day celebration on October 1.

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