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Chinese Population Myth (2)

9 October 2009

One of the main criticisms on the situation of the first 30 years of RPC is that Mao Zedong failed to adopt a policy for birth control which resulted a steep growth of Chinese population.

But I would like to ask one question: Which dynasty in Chinese history ever implemented family plan policy, and why the population had never reached to 1 billion?

Another condemnation of the first 30 years is of alleged widespread malnutrition and poverty. If this is the case, the population growth should be negative, and there would never be a need for the measures to curb Chinese population explosion in the next 30 years.

The truth is, during the first 30 years, China not only had the substantial increase in food production to meet the demand for population growth, at the same time established the foundation of modern Chinese industry. The achievement as such is quite phenomenon.

What is even more amazing is that while successfully having coped with the massive population growth, history also witnessed the unprecedented improvement of population quality through education, especially in vast rural areas, by way of building village schools and sending young graduates to the countryside.

Excerpt of the original article in Chinese:







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