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A Chinese Girl's Post:
I Witnessed the PLA Parade

4 October 2009


The following is English translation of the excerpt of a post appeared on Chinese language websites:

I'm over the moon! Why? 'Cause I'm the one stood closest to the parade procession of the East Wind Nuclear Missiles!

First of all, I wanna holler: "Long Live China, Long Live Chinese!"

Wow wow! My heart! Pung, pung, pung! Beating hard. Let me tell you what I saw during the parade. Oh, yeah, you bet, I feel so lucky to live in Muxidi (木樨地).

At about 2 minutes past 11am, accompanied by rumbling sound, a string of armoured vehicles appeared in the horizon and rolled towards us, all in the colours of elegant green and grey for carriages and innocent white on tyres! The spectators burst into a loud applause and the street erupted in thunderous cheers, with some passionate girls cried out: "Long Live China!" (I didn't, but I would like to do so, really...).

Three officers on the first vehicle waved to us, and we jumped, shouted, and waved hands to them on our tiptoes, pushing back the yellow police line and ignoring the urges by the volunteers to keep order (in fact, they themselves were no less excited than the spectators).

The soldiers on the vehicles were bathed in golden rays of the morning sun, cool and dashing, seeming undisturbed by the exhilaration of the crowd.


Eventually the entire military parade had passed in front of us and rolled into a distance, alone with flocks of aircrafts overhead that flew to the other side of the Eternal Peace Avenue. The crowd slowly dispersed, and the tranquil at last returned to the street, but my heart was still racing fast. There were moments when I was on the verge of tears. I actually know nothing about weapons and arms, but why the parade made me so enchanted?

I think I know the answer, and you do too: It is because we love our nation and we know she will be safe and secure in the strong arms of our dear guardian angels.






... ...



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A Proud Pilot Girl

Pilot-in-command: "The moment when I flew over the Gate of Heavenly Peace, I was overwhelmed by the feeling of national proud and had to try hard to hold back my tears. I had an urge to cry out: China, my motherland, I love you dearly!"

She's only 23-year old but has already been a pilot-in-command. On October 1, 2009, she led an all-women flight team flying through Beijing's blue sky during the grand military parade.

(Source of info/photo: 北京日报)

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