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Chinese Response on the Nobel Peace Prize
Of which Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler Was a Nominee

11 October 2009

According to an online survey conducted by Chinese language website on October 9, 2009, regarding the controversial award of the Nobel Peace Prize to American president Barack Obama, of 5210 people questioned, 85.7% considered it laughable.

The following are English translation and some original comments in Chinese posted on


如果奥巴马能获得诺贝尔和平奖,那我国的领导人能得什么奖呢?从泽民就开始了,他们从来都不招谁惹谁,即便被人欺侮,都是忍气吞声的... ...

If Obama can get Nobel Peace Prize, I wonder what a better peace prize should be rewarded to our leaders. Since the time of Jiang, they've put up with so much insults and assaults from the West and its allies, and never fight back ... 



It seems to me that who has more nukes who will be awarded for peace prize. 



But now Obama will have to think twice when starting a new war for the purpose of stimulating American economy. That's a good thing, yeah, good thing!  


看来是xx那帮家伙是想用笼头把美国这个x人总统给套住,高,实在是高!中国应该为奥巴马放鞭炮!伟大的诺奖, 你终于做了回人事, 逼美国消除核武器!

I think we should sound firecrackers: The USA will be compelled to get ride of its nukes. The Nobel Peace Price has at last done something decent.



Don't be silly. You think mere 1 million dollars would be enough to trick the world bully to lay down its weapons. Remember who are behind the president: the corporate military industry profiting from wars.



It's so cynical! The head of a country that initiated most wars in the world has received a peace prize. Mind, Americans are responsible for most people died in the wars this year.



Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan. I wonder whether he would be troubled by his own conscience when receiving a prize for "peace".



Peace award for the head of a state still in wars against other states with military forces invaded other nations! But so what, considering this prize was once even rewarded to a slave owner.  


一个正在侵略别国的国家总统 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Peace award for the head of a state still in wars against other states with military forces invaded other nations!

Americans are doing more than that - they are preparing new wars, and have never stopped stirring troubles in other nations by supporting the high-treasons and criminals of their perceived enemies. As the head of such a country received a peace prize, this is certainly the best joke of the year.



America is typical a whore wanting to pass off as a virgin.



At the first I thought it was a joke, but after all it isn't. Anyway, it makes me feel disgust for the Nobel Peace Prize ever more.



Haha, Nobel Peace Prize becomes more entertaining than ever! 



I've seen through the true nature of the bullshit Nobel Peace Prize long ago, as well as that absurd Nobel Literature Prize - they are just toys for the Westerners to entertain themselves. To be honest, Chinese literate is way too hard for those Swiss to understand.


震惊个屁 不是奥巴马的话那就是中国某JY 或者俄罗斯某JY 或者伊朗某异见分子.

What the surprise! It's just Norwegian committee's usual practice. If they do not award a warlord, they'll have to give away the prize to the violent separatists, criminal "dissidents" from China, Russia or Iran.


Too tmd 搞笑了. 不过我现在好像明白一点了, 能搞好美国,或者可以搞乱中国的,都可以得这个诺的和平奖... 是不是这么回事.

What a f..k joke! Ya, I've now realised there are only two kinds of people who are eligible for peace prize bestowed by the West: those who can resolve problems in America or those who can stir trouble in China ... do you think I've summed up accurately?



It's a prize reserved for the West colonists and their flunkies.



Simply put, as long as you are willing to betray your own people, you'll have a good chance to receive Nobel Peace Price.  



Some Norwegians have lost their basic human decency under the influence of their religious idea of the Western defied "universal value".



He who receives the Nobel Peace Award would be the shame of the nation.



I believe you've now all seen the true colour of the Nobel Peace Prize: a toll of Western politics.



The Nobel Peace Prize itself is an insult to the world peace and brings bad name to the whole Nobel Prize system. It should be stopped immediately.


在乎那西方的奖干嘛? 直接无视.

But why you guys want to take notice of the West award? If asking me, just ignore it.

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Attention to everyone: According to the latest news, the Western Custom Association has decided to change the Fools' Day from April 1 to October 9. Please mark it on your calendar!


(Source of info: Note: the accuracy of the information has not been verified independently, and is not responsible for any untoward consequences it may have derived.)

Nobel Pleasure Prize 2009

The Honourable Nominees for the Nobel Pleasure Prize 2009:

Bold Advertising

The ad on the banner: If cockroaches don't die, I die - the most effective pesticide in the world.

Brave Chicken

The promotion on the front wall: Punch McDonalds', kick KFC - the most tasty frying chicken in the world.

Compassionate Killer

The prayer by USA soldier: Dear Afghanis, Iraqis and Pakistanis killed by me, may peace be with you - the best wishes forwarded by the most peace-loving warmonger in the world.

Nobel Clowns

The five-member committee of the Nobel Peace Prize from Norway, a nation with a passion to drive whales to extinction: We are just entertainers for your amusement, if you take us serious, you are fools - most honest statement by the most successful liars in the world.

The winner of the prize: the Norwegian professional pleasure providers!

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