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Jackie Chan, A Proud Chinese

3 October 2009

Jackie Chan: "Before Hong Kong's return to China, I was virtually a man without national identity. If you say I was a Chinese, I didn't have a Chinese passport; if you say I was a British, I wasn't recognized by British. I was like an orphan in a sense. When Hong Kong reunited with China, I was overjoyed, because by then I have become a proper Chinese. In the past decade, I witnessed rapid progress of my country, which makes me feel acutely aware of how an individual's happiness is closely associated with the well being of his nation."

陈龙: 没有回归之前我们看中国大陆,回归以后马上回来变成一个中国人。以前我是一个没有国籍的中国人。你说我是中国人?不是; 你说我是英国人?他们又不认。我们是一个“孤儿”,这个是历史遗留下来的事情。但是一回来非常的开心,自己是一个中国人,而且这几年看见我们祖国发生了翻天覆地的大变化,真的是给我感觉是有了强的国,我们才有富的家。”

At the evening party of PPC's 60th anniversary celebration, Jackie Chan, the residing King of Kung Fu movie, paid his passionate tribute to his country by singing My Nation.

(Source of info/photo: 富田 - 中新社)

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Proud Chinese Peasants

The peasants from a cradle of Chinese civilization, the Yellow Earth Plateau in Yellow River Basin, perform traditional drum dance in Tiananmen Square on the National Day Celebration 2009

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