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Pandas Celebrated the Moon Day

5 October 2009

月月月明, 八月月明明分外;山山山秀,巫山山秀秀非常.

— A couplet on Three Gorges, Chongqing

Some panda girls among the ten in a panda community living in Guangzhou missed out the Moon Party held by human girls in the neighbouring province Fujian and thus did not receive mooncakes distributed by the moon prayers. However, on the Moon Day, they were offered by the zoo authority with two kinds of mooncakes, one were traditionally eaten by Chinese people on the occasion which were filled with white lotus seed paste and salted double egg yolks, and another were made of their favourite bamboo powder.

O, 卖糕的, I never knew bamboo tree would grow mooncakes

Yep, it is grown from the bamboo tree, 'cause I can taste bamboo stuff inside.

The pandas somehow decided the mooncakes made for people were much more taster than the bamboo ones, and all pounced to grab as many as possible. But since the offer was limited, a social unrest erupted, and some punches and kicks were reportedly exchanged. Luckily the zoo authority responded swiftly and the situation was brought under control in no time.

What truly deserves to be applauded are not just the seedy response, but the zoo authority's firm stance on principles. They refused to appease the rule-breakers by offering more mooncakes with lotus and yolks, since the delicacies were deemed by dietitians as containing too much sugar and fat, hence are unhealthy for pandas to eat, considering these fleshy fellows have already been massively over and overweight.

So rules are rules, that everyone has to follow, even for endangered species like pandas. Now it is known that the fatties have all returned to their traditional diet - fresh bamboo salad - with no further complaint registered.

(Source of info/photo: 卢汉欣-新华网, 广州日报, 中新社)

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The Moon Is Watching Us from A Distance!


People today can never see the ancient moon;

But the moon today once saw the ancient people.


At the night of October 2, the eve of the Moon Day 2009, eleven Chinese girl in Fujian Province dressed up in traditional Chinese costume and attended Moon Day prayer, a ceremony conventionally help by maidens. The girls burned incenses to the Moon Goddess and distributed mooncakes to the spectators.

A Moon Goddess in traditional Chinese costume


No matter how tall a building is, it can not block the clouds for the rain;

No matter how small a pond is, it can still reflect the profile of the moon.

— A couplet on Moon Terrace in Shanghai Yu Garden (上海豫园得月楼)

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