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Monkey Business
笼中无老虎, 猴子称大王!

13 October 2009

Chinese traditionally viewed tiger as the king of the forest, but last weekend a little monkey belonged to a macaque clan caged in Zhaoqing Zoo (肇庆), Guangdong Province, decided to challenge tiger's authority when the giant was taking a nap on the other side of the bars. According to various witness reports, the antagonist grabbed a stone and hurled it as an intercage ballistic missile across the border towards the head of the tiger.

The giant was immediately woken up to the confrontational reality from its harmonious dream. "I strongly protest your conduct and firmly object your act," the giant grumbled quietly, then forgave the warmonger and went back to sleep.

However, the monkey is not a peace-lover by nature so its militant business of aggression went on. Another stone missile launched. And the tiger was once again forced to face the reality of war from its dreamland of peace. "I strongly protest your conduct and firmly object your act", it announced stately, and raised its sharp paws in a gesture of complaint and disapproval.

But the empty words served nothing to deter the restless monkey from escalating its military actions. It picked up a handful of sands from the ground and threw them as a dirty bomb against the tiger's face.

"I strongly protest and firmly object!" the giant roared furiously as it got sands in its eyes, stepping backward and forward in pain.

The monkey exposed its teeth to show its grin. "I've already known that, can you tell me something that I don't know?" The brave monkey smirked behind the protective bars.

(Source of info/photo: 广州日报)

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