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Dry Your Dirty Bum in the Sun

31 October 2009

Quite a number of publications in Guangdong (Canton) area are increasingly viewed by the great number of Chinese as the substitution of The Voice of America and Free Asia - the CIA sponsored propaganda machines with the sole aim of stirring unrest in China and other sovereign nations - and thus now rejected by Chinese people. It may go overboard to attribute the compromised position taken by some media elements in the region to the corruption or incompetence of the local authority, but it is a known fact that there are so many fat cats congregated in that area.

Recently, the government of Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, decided to put its public spending under community scrutiny, which is of course an admirable act exhibited its courage and determination to discipline itself. However, its 60 million yuans of subsidy provided to nine government-run kindergartens has caused a huge controversy across the nation. In a country where there are still many families in remote rural areas struggling to keep their kids in school, the Guangdong government's offer of 60 million yuans of financial assistance to the kindergartens providing services to the offspring of the officials - which is about 20,000 yuans for each kid - is surely a source to generate public outcry and outrage.

What's so cynical is that, according to some reports, the city's public transport system receives only 70 million yuans in annual financial subsidies.

Yet the Bureau of Finance of Guangzhou Municipality would still feel so proud of its record for having spent 10 million yuans more on public transport, that serves 10 million Guangzhou residents, than on nine kindergartens, that attend the needs of only 3,000 kids from the families of its staff.

Fighting against corruption and organised crimes could be a mission impossible if those serving in public office regard their job as reward. On the other hand, fighting against corruption and organised crimes can be pretty easy if there is a group of leading officials in the government who view their position as an opportunity to contribute, and in the process prepare to sacrifice themselves and their families, in finance, in reputation and with life, for the interest of the nation.

Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai already demonstrated that it could be done.

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Organised Crime


Regardless the cat is black or white, as long as it steals fish, it is a bad cat.


The Pro-White Fat Cats in China's political, economic and law enforcement sectors are the root and main supporting base of the black fat cats, the organised criminal gangs.

People of Chongqing present paintings and banners to praise the current head Bo Xilai (薄熙来) and the police chief Wang Lijun (王立军) for their heroic undertaking of cracking down the organised crimes outside and inside the system.

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