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National Day Floats

6 October 2009

Float of Beijing

The celebrated capital of ancient and modern China with tradition in the centre and modern development spread around.

Float of Henan Province

Once the economic and cultural centre of China with the magnificent capital city Luoyang in the Great Tang Dynasty, during which the only woman emperor in Chinese history, Wu Zetian, ruled the middle kingdom, Henan located in the heart of China is home to the best peonies in the world, the flower that is traditionally viewed as a national symbol representing the highest female grace.

Float of Guizhou Province

A mountainous region in southern tip of China, Guizhou is well known for its spectacular landscape characterised by red limestone hills, peculiar rocky caves, roaring waterfalls and terraced rice fields.

Float of Hainan Province

Used to be part of Guangdong (Canton) Province, Hainan is the second largest island in China, after Taiwan, and famed for its natural beauty with a scene dominated by gigantic palm trees. In recent decades it becomes a land of dream for young Chinese people seeking business or career success.

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