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Double Nine Festival

27 October 2009

During the Double Nine Festival, 600 senior citizens were invited to a Nine Big Bowl free banquet held at a village in Yongchuan District of Chongqing Metropolitan.

October 26, the ninth day in the ninth month in Chinese lunar calendar, China celebrated a senior citizen day, the Double Nine Festival, paying tribute to those who have made a life-long contribution to and their families and the nation.

Unlike in the Western tradition that reveres the physically strongest individuals, China is renowned for its dignified respect for the elderly and the experienced, which is a sign of a mature civilization.

During the festival, Buddhist Monastery Pilu Si in Nanjing made Longevity Noodle with 66 kg sesame oil, 666 kg vegetable and 6,666 kg fresh noodle, and cooked in water drawn from an ancient well in the temple and offered for free to the senior citizens in Nanjing to mark the happy occasion.

(Source of info/photo:

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Whip a Giant Top

A young man was seen to skillfully spin a giant peg-top weighted at 11kg with a whip made of steel by the ancient watchtower of the ancient city wall in ancient capital Xi'an (西安) where dozens of people, aged from as young as 2 to as senior as 87, whipping tops in early morning every day as their daily physical exercise.

(Source of info/photo: 黄亚平, 王明明 - 西安晚报)

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