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China Race:
Hi, World, I'm Back on Track!

26 October 2009


Liu Xiang: “After operation, I was for a while lost, didn’t know where my future would lie. But this gold medal once again ignites my hope."

The 11th Chinese National Games reached its climax on Sunday night, October 25, when the Athens Olympic champion Liu Xiang claimed victory in the men's 110m hurdles.

Liu received his first gold metal since his Achilles tendon surgery shortly after he was forced to limp out of the Beijing Olympics Games last year that broke the hearts of a billion Chinese.

But he is afraid of the temporary setback not! And now he comes back triumphantly!

(Source of info/photo:\)

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Walk on Water
The Act of Balance

A few days a go, Shaolin Buddhist Monk Shi Liliang (释理亮) demonstrated the legendarily Shaolin Light Kung Fu (少林轻功) Floating on Water (水上漂). Stepping on a timber board, Master Shi skied for 15 meters on a river. The secret to cross a gulf by feet is to keep a good balance, all the time.

(Source of info/photo: 傅丹丹-中新社)

Chinese Armies stormed Seoul (汉城) during the Korean War. Seoul is the capital of South Korea who with the backing of the United States mounted attacks against North Korea as part of Pentagon's big plan to bring the war to the border of China in order to destroy newly established People's Republic of China that refused to be America's puppet state.

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