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Who Will Feed 1.3 Billion Hungry Chinese (3)?

28 december 2008

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黄海的北岸 (

I thought Mao XX was just a foolish old man with a big mouth and a muddle head who could not help spitting dummies that are harmful to national interests. Now I've just learned he is actually more than that - he's basically working for a foreign state. I don't understand why Chinese government would allow him to open his research centre in China. You wanna keep your open policy, that's fine, but this is way over the top.


killerop30 (

Mao XX must be one of those who are paid 5 cents each time by the United States for speaking out against Chinese!


啥都不是 (

Mao XX is just a guy bought off by the alien forces, and his so-called research findings are no more that a scientific expression of the strategies developed by CIA for its covered war against China.


caochun200 (

Our government must keep a watchful eye on local research organisations sponsored by overseas organisations, and be wary of the possibilities that some Chinese researchers might become the mouthpiece of the alien interests in China at the expense of Chinese people. It must also make sure that those under the sponsorship will not sell sensitive information to their sponsors.


轻风鸽 (

There are many so-called Chinese experts financially supported by America's fund dedicated especially for pioneering colour revolution in China. The Ministry of State Security should look into this matter thoroughly.

中国还有许多专家在拿美国提供的颜色基金! 国安局应该认真查查。

我要放个屁 (

These flunkeys of the hostile foreign forces have now positioned themselves completely opposite to the Chinese people.


流浪司令 (

Starving China into submission, that is what they want. I say, "democracy" promoters, hello, we are your own countrymen, please don't be so cruel.

饿死国人,他们的目的就达到了。民运分子, 我们是你们的同胞啊, 请手下留情。

悠闲一刻 (

Remember the biggest threat to our national security comes from those so-called elites who are supported and controlled by the West.


俭故能广 (

Is this the fella who signed the Chart 08? Such a blatant naked traitor!


九天揽月168 (

Don't you notice he's the one who signed the Chart 08 produced in the United States? This guy politically aligned with the "democracy" promoters, and wants to change Chinese system according to American constitution.


napelion03 (

Chart 08 is most pathetic and revolting ... those people are only interested in grabbing power but offering no solution to the problems and taking no responsibility for the consequences. Let it and the folks who signed all go to HELL!

"08" 确实太恶心了... 只想要权,却没有对策,也没有义务。见鬼去吧。

lanyueya (

Those 303 guys who signed the Chart 08 have awarded each other with positions in the transitional government [in the scenario that CIA's colour revolution succeeds and Chinese government is overthrown], and Mao XX is appointed as a deputy premier in charge of China's economy. I found this list online. It sucks! They become restless now and can't wait for a final showdown ...


PADDY000 (

This Mao XX is a signature bearer of the Chart 08 and a deputy premier in its transitional government, hahaha... It seems after being promised a position, Mao XX starts his action ...

这个茅XX就是"08确章"的签名人及过渡政府的负责经济的副总理.哈哈... 看来是封官许愿完了,开始行动了...

sweetcorn4 (

Did you see that? There was no need for any voting procedures in place when they appointed positions in the top ranks, nor was even necessary to go through the formality of the People's Congress. What a great democracy! Know what, I'll gonna get a few friends together to draft an imperial chart, and we'll appoint ourselves as emperor and prime minister and ministers, and all the men who signed our chart will be rewarded as court officials and all women who signed will be honoured as empress or princesses or imperial concubines ....

TG选内阁还要搞个形式上的人大投票,这帮JY组阁竟然就自行授予了,真是民主啊... 改天俺找几个哥们也起草个千把字的宪法,自封为中华帝国的皇帝首相,签名的男的人人是内阁大臣,女的个个是皇后嫔妃....

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A Chinese Giant

A young Mao Zedong: A man with sincere concern for the weak, the poor and all those on the bottom of the social pyramid structure

Mao's famous poem "Snow" in his own handwriting. He is the top master in both Chinese arts: classic verse and calligraphy..

Mao is working on his book during the WWII The Strategy on Long Term Resistance. Mao is known as one of the greatest military strategists in China.

Shaoshan, the home village of Mao, celebrates his birth anniversary on 26 December 2008

26 December 2008 is the 115th birth anniversary of the later Chinese leader Mao Zedong. In village Shaoshan, Mao's birthplace, hundreds and thousands of people gathered together to commemorate the occasion. Fireworks illuminated the skies, birthday noodles were shared, sentimental tears shed, praising songs intoned, and the pilgrims united to mark their deep respect for the giant who is viewed by an increasing number of Chinese, in particular the younger generations, as one of the greatest national heroes.

Mao was not a perfect man, far from it perhaps. He is known to have made many mistakes, some with grave consequences. After all, he was just a human. But still, he is a towering figure who initiated and inspired the aging nation to stand independently and firmly on its own feet, and further have reinvented itself for the modern world.

Those with inherited concubine mentality towards the masters in the West may not be able to appreciate what the positive contributions he brought to the nation and the people. Sure, there are dark spots in the sun, but sunlight is incomparably brighter than firefly glow. There might be many fireflies, as many as, say, 303 plus, they are, nonetheless, just fireflies who bring no illumination to anyone else but themselves.

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