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Who Will Feed 1.3 Billion Hungry Chinese (2)?

28 december 2008

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外地人问路 (

Tricking China into giving up the capacity to supply enough food for its own citizens is equivalent to luring the Chinese people into a death trap with opium in 19th century. It's a way for the alien forces to seize China's economic wealth and control China's political agenda.


苏北城 (

What those so-called (pro-West, pro-democracy) elites want is of grabbing power, as for ordinary Chinese people's welfare, they only pay lip services, nothing else.

那些所谓精英人士不过是为了夺权, 你老百姓的死活,只在他们的嘴巴上.

过客 (

These "elites" are heartless thugs with no basic human decency, I just wonder why the authority allows them to occupy those important positions.


yudi (

He revealed his true motivation when he said "there are enough food produced by other countries and on global market".


有名则灵 (

120 million hectare agricultural land is the fundamental security guarantee for Chinese people. If its size is further reduced, once natural disasters strike, how on earth the world would be able to help China to overcome the crisis? This Mao XX has received financial support from the U.S., I'm not surprises to see him speaking for the interest of America not that of China.

中国的耕地是十三亿中国人的保命田,倘若流失了,再遭天灾,世界上流通的粮食都给了中国也不够。哪个国家能供得起十三亿人的口粮需求?那么大的年纪了,出来伸伸胳膊扔扔腿倒可以,就别再“布道”了! 也难怪,他开设的那个公司是美国资助的,怎么也得报答“漂母一饭”之恩,把你中国心性搞乱了,可也等同于“投桃报李”的作用。

crazy9110 (

What do you expect, guys? You reckon the Americans spend money on the research project just to find out how to bring a better life to Chinese? You must be kidding. There are so many people in Somalia who are starving right now, why don't Americans sponsor an agricultural land research program there? Think about it!


云涌 (

It's only natural, that when the biggest food exporting country pays for a research project for the biggest crop consumption nation, the conclusion has to be like this: the best way for you guys to go around is to give up your own agricultural land.

If you want to know how to do inside job, watch what Mao XX has done!


基石 (

Ever since America's Ford Foundation began to operate in China, it has not done a single good thing that is constructive to China's progress. Whenever a project that is beneficial to China's development, it would refuse to participate.


百丈冰 (

While accusing China of being the cause of the global food crisis, in the mean time the United States tries to trick China into further eroding agricultural land. Think about its real motivations here.


hawking_y (

The Western powers have not given up their aspiration to disintegrate China for their own benefits, we need to be highly vigilant. Look what happened after we opened up soybean market, we must not be too naive.


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