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Online Response from Chinese
After Dalai Met Sarkozy

9 December 2008

Calaba (

Stop beating around the bush! We should just tell the West: If you can put up with Chinese president meeting the leader of Corsica independence movement, we'll have no objection to the meeting between French president and the head of the Tibetan independence movement [which is what he really is as his plan of so-called Great Tibet has disclosed. By the way, if he thinks any region with Tibetan settlements shall be reserved for Tibetans only, he may should as well include areas in Indian, Nepal, America and Europe in his Great Tibet god-kingdom since Tibetans live there too - Multipletext].

And we shall tell them clearly: We won't care what those guys in Poland or Czech may do or say, 'cause to us they are basically no body, but we do care how French people act, since we thought they were our friends. When you are betrayed by your friend, wouldn't you get angry?

We should also ask Europeans one question: You say you're free to meet whoever you wish. Does it include to meet with Osama bin Laden?

我们为什么不能直接说:“我们认为西藏是中国的一部分,正如你们法国人认为巴黎是法国的一部分,伦敦是英国的一部分,华盛顿是美国的一部分一样!” 我们为什么不能直接告诉西方人,尤其是法国人:“如果你们能容忍中国国家主席会见科西嘉独立运动领袖,我们就能够给予你们同样的“自由”! 我们应该直接的告诉法国:中国之所以如此的愤怒,是因为遭受了曾经亲密朋友的背叛!中国不在乎波兰会怎样,也不在乎捷克会怎样,因为法国曾经是朋友,朋友的背叛是全世界任何一个人都不能容忍的,何况是一个国家!对于朋友背叛所带来的愤怒,会比其他的愤怒来的更猛烈。我们也应该问问欧洲领导人,你们所表述想见谁就见谁,是否也包括恐怖主义头目拉登?请他们给予明确解释

黄家大岭 (

They've already spat in our face, if we keep silent, we'll be viewed as a bunch of spineless cowards.


61.133.192 (

I think our Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee should propose a bill in the National People's Congress, urging Chinese court to put Dalai Lama on trial for high treason and further abolish his title and end the practice of Dalai Lama reincarnation.

With regard to Sarkozy, we call for revision of level of diplomatic ties with France and postpone all talks and high level communications between two governments until next French president comes to power.


我呼吁在萨科奇在任法国总统期间, 全面暂停或降低中法之间一切政治经济交流,等待下一任法国领导人重新开始

Medicine Jar (

It's true that the West is anti-Chinese government, but does it mean it anti-Chinese people? I don't think so.

西方反共, 反中国人民吗? 答案是部分否定的


From how the West responded to Lhasa riot, do you really believe they don't anti-Chinese people in general?

西藏闹事西方如何反应大家有目共睹, 难道你看不出来??


Medicine Jar, when I just came to the West, I was as naive as you are, but after years of close contact with them, I have now gained a better understanding of their true intentions.


山哥 (

Why Sarkozy has to meet Dalai? Because the two are basically the birds of the same feather. That lama was a slave owner and is still a dictatorial god-king, albeit pretending to be a promoter of human rights, world peace and freedom.

As for Sarkozy, when he visited Beijing in August he must have learned what his countrymen did in Chinese capital 150 years ago, which includes looting and burning of Yuanming Garden. We do not expect him to say sorry to us for the past crimes committed by the nation he represents, but prior to the self-appointment of the moral judge on Chinese people, he should at least help return the treasures, that French army stole from Yuanming Garden and currently kept in Louvre Museum, back to China, and tell the Britain to do the same with the Chinese treasures in the British Museum. If he is not even capable of doing that, then he and his country still live in the sins of yesterday and therefore are in no position to be anyone's moral judge.




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Online Graphic Response from Chinese

Dalai Lama:

Napoleon II-to-be, welcome to the board of Free To Bed, oops, Free To Bet, oops again, Free Ti-Bet, heheheheee ... (a string of idiotic giggling)

Chinese netizens noted:

The French president stands firmly not on the ground

Some Chinese Netizens believe:

Corsica independence movement needs French First Lady's naked support

A Prayer Is Answered

One day a lama said to a priest, "Father, I need your help. I have two female parrots, but they keep saying one sentence."

"What is that?" the priest inquired.

"They keep saying: Hi, we are prostitutes, free to bed with anyone as long as he pays."

"That's disgusting!" the priest responded. "Bring them over to my house and my parrots will teach them how to be decent parrots."

Next day, the lama brought his female parrots to meet with priest's male parrots who were holding orsary beads and praying in their cage.

"Hi, we are prostitutes, free to bed with anyone as long as he pays," the lama's parrots greeted the priest's parrots.

One male parrot looked over at the other male and exclaimed, "Hi, put the bibles away and ask Father for donation. Our prayers have been answered!"

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