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An Online Ethnic Debate (1)

11 November 2008

Since Yan, a Manchu historian-turned-television showman, was slapped hard in the face when promoting his book regarded as applauding genocide, online debate around the incident continues to this very day. The following are the English translation of some messages and the original text posted on the biggest Chinese forum Note some justifications on the order of the posts are made to aid readers' navigation of the argument:

Talk Once (ethnic identity unknown):

I belong to minority ethnic Tu. There is no double that 300 years ago the blood flew like rivers when Manchu armies completed the mission to conquer China. However, a similar incident also occurred 600 years ago, when Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋), the founding emperor of the Ming, conquered the people of Tu.

As an ethnic Tu, I'm scared of the Han promoters the most, because Tu is an ethnic group closely integrated with Han, and over half of the Tu family have Han members under one roof. The destructive forces Han promoter will bring forth are far more deadly than Tibetan and Uighur independence movements, since it could see my children get killed and many families to be torn into pieces.

本人土家族。 毫无疑问的是,300多年前中国这片土地上曾经血流成河,满清军队完成了对中国大地的征服。同样在600年前,我的家乡也一样曾经血流成河,那正是明太祖朱元璋的部队屠杀了我们部族,完成对我们民族的征服。


武汉的春风 (Han):

No Han people ever try to seek revenge again Manchus, just like no Chinese ever want to take retribution on Japanese for what they did in Nanjing during the WWII. But Yan publicly pays tribute to the murderers of the Han people in Jiangnan, which is like a Japanese goes to Nanjing praising the war criminals who committed the Nanjing massacre.

没人说要找满族人报复, 就像没人说要杀日本人报仇。但是阎老贼公然为屠夫歌功颂德,如同日本人不但不认错,还跑到南京宣传大东亚共荣圈。

qsong01 (Han):

Hi Talk Once, you are wrong. Yan got slapped in the face is not just because he promotes ethnic hatred, but because of his shameless assault on basic human decency.

Looking back in history, no ethnic group is free of wrong doings, what is important is to handle our mistakes well and learn from them. If somebody over there applauds First Emperor Qin's brutal acts of burning of books and burying of scholars, I'm sure he will receive a tight slap too.



blueclass (Han with a Tu relative):

Hi, Talk Once, you sound pretty weird. No one wanna do anything against ethnic Tu, what are you screaming about?

I'm a Hunan native and I used to have ethnic Tu classmates. One of my cousins also has his ethnic identity changed from Han to Tu purely for the sake of a special admission to tertiary education. If you're a fake Tu, you're wicked; if you're a real one, then you're an idiot.



岗阪尔川 (Tu):

I'm ethnic Tu in Enshi Tu & Miao Self-autonomous region, and I seriously doubt Talk Once is Tu. I think he's a Manchu. I don't like quarrel, but just wanna say one thing: as a true ethnic Tu, I support Dahanzhifeng (大汉之风) slapping that old bastard Yan.

我就是土家族地区 - 恩施土家族苗族自治州的一名土家族,。可楼主说的我怎么觉得越看越觉得楼主像头猪呢, 不像土家族人呢?。因为厌倦网络口角, 不多说, 所以只在这里表达我的看法。一个真正土家族的看法: 我是支持扇阎老贼的耳光的。

蓝云海 (Tu):

Talk Once, do read the comments here; looks I'm not the only one who wanna slap your face. I'm ethnic Tu, but I believe everyone should be treated equally regardless of his/her ethnic background, and support an acknowledgement of Han people as the mainstream ethnic group in China. After all, it is Hans who have created brilliant Chinese culture.



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One of my fellow students in college now teaches history at a high school, and he watched's interview of Dahanzhifeng after D was released by police for slapping that TV showman.

He told me his school has decided to ditch the standard history book on Ming and Qing and write their own textbook instead. Currently they are searching materials online, and hope one day all high schools in the region will use their textbook.

Dahanzhifeng's slap is helping 200 to 300 million Chinese kids to learn historical truth in that period of history.





I doubt what your school have done would be practical, because current education system in China is a just a preparation for tertiary entrance exam, with standard answers provided by the Education Department. How many schools would be brave enough to use a different textbook with different answers to the questions?

However, I salute the courage of the authority and the teachers of that school.


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