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Chinese Democracy and the West

18 December 2008

The following is the translation of the core message of an online Chinese post credited to Yunchu Li and part of its Chinese text:

Following the rapid economic development and social progress in China, the call from the West for China to adopt Western style "democracy" becomes louder than ever. In the period leading up to Beijing Olympics, there were even talks in the West power circle that the West should demand China to be democratized immediately or else to face boycott of the Games.

Which is rather ironic. If those in the West really believe in their democratic principles, they must understand that when, how and even whether China wants to adopt a Western style system shall be a matter decided by Chinese people, while coercing others to accept its own values and viewpoints is an undemocratic act in itself.

In fact, what Chinese people concern most at the moment are some practical issues, such as housing, health care, education and inflation. As for to copy Western-styled drama of popular election of their top leaders, it is known to be passionately promoted by a small band of pro-West intellectuals who have little understanding of and interest in Chinese situations, which makes the West's enthusiasm over China's progress in democracy rather suspicious, in particular when taking into account the West's records on dealing with China since the Opium War and its current performance in the Middle East, South America and Africa.

If you do a bit investigation you'll realise the core value of the Western-style democracy is of capitalization of the political and social system, thus media is by and large under the control of those with strongest monetary power, and governments are generally swayed by the media power, which means, the more money you have, the more "democratic" right you enjoy.

Now ask yourself, between China and the West, who has stronger monetary power? The West, of course. Take a case to the point: the West has recently got 175 billion dollars of hot money quietly flown into China's capital market.

At this point, you shall be able to see what is the best way to ensure the West's economic interest in China, and why the West is more keen than Chinese to see China become fully "democratized". With multiple parties constantly engaging in internal power struggles, and from time to time seeking external forces to help win the battles, like what China was during the first half of last century, the control of Chinese economy by the West will once again be guaranteed, and China's development will never reach a point when it might demand a fairer redistribution of the natural resources, and further to challenge the West's political, economic and cultural dominance over the world.

Understandably, this kind of "democracy" is not what Chinese people would want to have. They expect, like every one else in the world, to establish a political and social system that best serves their interest, not that of the West. However, the West seems yet to be civilised enough to be able to tolerant and appreciate systems and values that are different from theirs which they are unable to understood or control.

The confrontation over the Lhasa riot between the vast majority of Chinese people and the West is telling. It seems, to the West, Chinese lives counter for nothing, let along their basic human rights, which is why it would feel so outrageous when Chinese protested the West media and politicians' insult to the Han and Muslim victims.

In conclusion, like opium and Christian missionaries, Dalai Lama and the Tibetan issue are just tools that are used to help imposing the West authoritarian rules over the world, so are the terms of the democracy and human rights as defined by the West.


随着中国的快速发展, 西方越来越迫切的要求中国立刻民主化, 甚至有西方学者和战略家认为奥运会应该是个契机和期限, 在这个期限以内中国必须实现西方式的民主.

民主制度的建立和完善是中国人自己的事情, 事实上中国人目前最迫切的要求是提高生活水平, 解决买房难,看病难,上学难问题, 以及抑制高企的物价, 对立刻实现全民普选和三权分立之类的西方式民主并不那么热衷. 那么为什么西方人在这一点上反倒比中国人还急迫呢?

结合一些我看到的资料和专著, 我认为原因如下.

西方式民主的核心是民主制度的资本化. 也就是说:谁有钱谁就控制了媒体有发言权,谁有钱谁就控制了政府有行政权,谁有钱谁就控制了军队有治安权。总之, 资本最多的拥有最大的民主.


西方和中国相比,谁更有钱?谁资本更雄厚? 当然是西方。1.75万亿美元的热钱神不知鬼不觉地渗透进中国大陆就是明证


事实上, 中国老百姓所希望的民主化,跟西方所希望的中国的民主化是有天壤之别的。中国老百姓所希望的民主化,毋庸置疑,肯定是为中国老百姓自己服务的,是为中国的生存和稳定服务的,当涉及到资源和利润冲突的时候,肯定是把中国,或者说中国老百姓自己的利益放在首位的。那么如果与西方发生争执,可以想象这样的民主制度会与西方发生怎样的冲突


在西方的潜意识中,只有西方人才是文明人,只有西方人才配享有民主,民主是西方的专利, 其他国家只有同意本国的事情由西方人民做主,这才叫民主。其他国家想独自裁决自己的事情,成长为取代西方的更强大的文明,甚至反过来做西方人的主, 是西方不能接受的,这叫做独裁。所以说,中国真正的民主化,肯定是与西方冲突的,肯定是不会被西方承认是民主的。说穿了,西方所说的中国民主化,就是中国事务由西方民众主宰化,这才叫真正的‘民‘’主‘。苏东巨变以后, 美国还要继续对前苏联加盟共和国实行颜色革命, 因为颜色革命之前, 这些共和国不肯听命于美国. 俄罗斯建立了全民普选的民主制度了美国仍然否认俄罗斯是民主国家, 因为俄罗斯人不愿意让西方民主来做自己的主子, 而要与北约抗衡, 为本民族争取利益, 在美国看来就是拒绝'民''主'.

The full text in Chinese can be veiwed at:

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