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A Chinese Man's Struggle (4)
I Was Left on My Own

23 December 2008

1, I Didn't Want to Give UP
2, I Took up Challenge
3, I Gave Up

农笑非 5 Nov 2008

When I got home from that construction field in the late evening, I found Ms Y sitting in a lounge couch, chatting away with my mother-in-law.

Ms Y was my mother-in-law's friend and a saleswoman for life insurance. From her, my mother-in-law purchased two insurance plans for my son, each cost 1,800 yuans a year.

Seeing I returned home, Ms Y promptly handed me a receipt, saying she had already paid for me with her own money.

I didn't know what to say, except telling her that I had no money at the moment, but would pay her back in a couple of days.

That night, I wasn't able to sleep, so sat alone in the dark lounge smoking, like I frequently did in those days. When my in-laws went to toilet in the small hours, they must have noticed the red light from my cigarette, but they did not for once stop to inquire why I couldn't sleep. I felt in this family I was transparent as if were air.

Two days late, when I rode a bus, I received a call from my mother-in-law, informing me that Ms Y came to collect her money. I asked gingerly if it was possible for her to pay Ms Y first and I gave the money to her late. There was no answer from the other end of the phone. It was simply disconnected.

The day near the spring festival, I fell gravely ill, and the doctors who diagnosed me said I must stay in hospital for urgent treatment.

My brother visited all his friends and business associates to borrow money to pay the hospital bills. During the day, he returned to the "company" to repair computers for his clients, and at night he slept on a plank bed in my hospital room to look after me.

My wife didn't know I was in hospital. When she called me, I just told her I was too busy with my business to go home.

I was hospitalised for a week, which cost 6,000 yuans in total. When my brother ran out of places to borrow money from, he suggested to phone my wife for help. I rejected. I knew she had no money, and I didn't want my in-laws to cover my medical bills.

I decided to leave the hospital even though I was still ill. I stayed with my brother while I was on medication.

My brother is seven years younger than me and I brought him to the city seven years ago. I ought to look after him, but instead I turned out to be his burden. He had to work and look after me, I noticed how exhausted he became.

Eventually he broke down. When I recovered from illness, he told me he would like to terminate our business partnership. I understood his situations and readily accepted his proposal.

I felt sad though, as from then on, I was completely left on my own.

Comments from viewers:


My current situation is quite similar to what you were in. I had two shops with a friend. Soon it's time for us again to pay 100,000 yuans monthly rental fee, and I haven't got any income for three months. My business partner is also talking about terminate our partnership.


Life is tough, especially for those from rural areas.

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Calling 911

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A man on his deathbed called his wife and instructed her to open a wooden box under his bed. In the box she found 3 eggs and 6,000 yuans in cash, and asked her husband what the eggs were for.

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Not bad, the wife thought to herself, after 5 years of marriage, so she asked again, "But what about the 6,000 yuans?"

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