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Prometheus Punished for His Gifts to People

Born as a privileged light-have, Prometheus however believed the universal natural resource, fire, is meant for all lives to share thus self-mandated a mission of helping the light-have-nots to liberate from darkness.

The democratisation of light hurt the interest of the fire monopoly groups who therefore sent 300 devils and spent 500 nights to search for materials that could be used to criminalize Prometheus.

Prometheus was eventually sentenced to eternal imprisonment by Zeus, newly crowed god of celestial kingdom, for the crime of getting light together. The hero was chained to a giant rock guarded by a big bird, the place known as bird's town (禽城).

Yet Prometheus' legacy lived on. With fire, life flourished, people's strength grew, and an army of warriors were formed and led by brave Hercules. It didn't take eternity but just a few years for Hercules' army to smash the chains and rescue Prometheus. The hero united with people and a new era of bright cosmos was dawn.

Chinese People Will never Give Up Their Fight for the Return of the Real King

During the period between Bo Xilai's trial started on August 22 and sentencing one month later in Jinan, public demonstrations occurred in several locations in China.

GMO and China's Health Crisis

Monsanto GMO Linked with wide-spread cancer and birth defects

David Suzuki Speaks Out Against GMO

Monsanto's New Invention - A Key to Your System

Agricultural Minister's Secret Agreement with Monsanto

Who Are the World's Guinea Pigs

Outlaws of the Marsh

Role's of Multinationals in China's toxic drinking Water scandal

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Who Are the Losers Over Bo Xilai's Life Sentence

If you look at what he did in Chongqing since 2007, you'll realise the historical significance of his experiment. For centuries, humanity has been struggling between two difference social-political-economic models: one is the capitalism that could be relatively more efficient but definitely less fair, and another is socialism that could achieve better fairness but often lacks efficiency. Bo Xilai thus was seeking a way to turn the constrain that holds each other back into a driving force stimulating a synchronised advancement. Had he succeeded, the new development model could liberate the mankind from the century-long dilemma that prompted endless revolutions and wars within the nations and between the countries.

In this regard Bo Xilai is a loser. He lost his opportunity to complete that great project. But apart from this, he triumphs in all other grounds.

First of all, his legacy of Chongqing practice survives, since its success is so startling like the sun in the sky that his antagonists cannot deny its existence, and since it reignites the hope among the socialists worldwide that an efficient socialism is possible and worth to pursue.

A World War Between Global Elite Dictatorship and Mass Democracy movement

The humanity has been brought to a crossroad by coming of age with the Internet and digitalisation of daily lives, warned Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Australian commentator Robert Manne in a public discussion program Ideas at the House taken place very recently in Sydney Opera House.

It is civilisation at the stake if the 99% suppressed lose the battle to the 1% elites. Allowing Washington-based global corporate government to militarise the cyber space is to allow the entire humanity to slip back to the Medieval dark age. In fact, the situation will be much worse since the internet and society have now merged together, therefore the militarisation of the cyber space will effectively mean the militarisation of the human society.

But the merge of virtual and real worlds can also help the humanity to progress in another direction: a leap towards a higher level of civilisation in which information can be better shared, ideas can be better exchanges, consciousness between individuals can be better connected, cooperation among people can be better organised, economic and cultural benefits can be better distributed, and the human race can be better united into a whole.

The Trial of Bo Xilai, the Replay of "A Royal Yue Fei"

Bo Xilai is putting his life and reputation on the line for the final showdown in the courtroom, not just to prove his innocence against the false accusations but to imply the giant plot behind. For that he's using his own body as a break to stop the China vehicle from keeping running towards Abyss and he's exerted all of his remaining strength to pull back the vehicle from cliff-edge.

We shall never forget why he has been sent to the court - if he sought obtaining wealth for his family and gaining a higher political position for himself, he would agreed to join the high treason group that is backed by the ruling force of the world and that dominates China's political and economical landscape, or at lease he would choose not to confront that powerful treacherous gang for helping the vast majority of grassroots people in the country and for ultimately saving the nation. But he is a great patriot and a national hero, like his wife's ancestor Fan Zhongyan, and he is a true Chinese communist, like his father, so here he is.

Chinese People Need Bo Xilai

A Chinese cyber user posted an article on an overseas online forum this morning, stating that it is not Bo Xilai who needs people's support but Chinese people who need Bo Xilai's help.

True, with his background, his connection, his position and his ability, Bo Xilai and his family could keep living a privileged life as part of China's elite establishment. Yet he chose to stand by and serve the ordinary people at the grassroots level, especially the poor and the disadvantaged, for which he confronted with the corrupted establishment, very much like what those true communists did 90 years ago, 80 years ago and 70 years ago. As the result he became the target of those from his own class and fell, along with his beloved wife and son.

Chinese Salute People's Hero Bo Xilai

A Chongqing resident posted Bo Xilai's image online with the following message:

Bo Xilai is a fool, and he's so foolish that his foolishness breaks the heart of the people in Chongqing. It is until now we've just fully realised how silly he has been:

He knew there were a pack of tricks and traps waiting for him in Beijing, but he still decided to go there to show the powerbrokers that he had nothing to hide; There were so many opportunities for him and his wife to make a truckload of money, but he preferred to spend his time looking after the poor; He could live an easy life and climb up the political ladder by joining the powerful forces that dominate Chinese society, but he sent the corrupted officials and criminal gangs behind bars.

A Ferocious Summer in China

Chinese cyber community was virtually in the war against the summer! But do you really think they were just talking about the temperature?

Despite there is no clear indication that the earthly regime in China will release the fresh air into atmosphere, the heavenly regime above China has decided to go it alone in seasonal change by dropping the temperature in a rather brutal way. On August 13, a heavy spell of snow fell in China's northwest region, that is a weather situation way beyond the control of the autumn regime.

A Hot Chinese TV Series: A Loyal Yue Fei

Yue Fei is not a fictional character. As a master in both the arts of war and of literature, he was a Song general and is the best known and most respected national hero in Chinese history. In August 1141, Imperial Military Commissioner Zhang Jun accused Yue Fei's general Zhang Xian of high treason. After delivered stern punishments to those who opposed the prosecution, the premier proclaimed that General Yue Fei had committed "unspecified" serious crimes. With the resistance hero gone, the premier invited Manchus to direct Southern Song's economic and political reform, as the result the territories north of the Huai River was Manchuised, with the farmland destroyed to make way for grazing fields or barren grounds, and the houses in the towns and villages demolished to redevelop into spark settlements of rough tents. Since then the northern parts of China lagged behind in economic and in cultural progresses comparing to the areas in the south of the Huai River, until to this very day.

When Calling A Deer Horse

In face of massive public backlash following the announcement of the controversial Bo Xilai trial, Chinese authority instructed its media mouthpiece to launch a propaganda campaign to convey an impression that the decision is widely supported by the public. Yet in many China's online social networks, a comparison has been drawn between what the authority does today and what an ambitious political power broker called Zhao Gao did during the reign of the Second Emperor of Qin (the son of the First Emperor Qin).

peasants in urban: peasant workers in Chongqing Received full Payment on time when Bo Xilai was the governor

When the companies were found to delay or deny payment to their workers, instead of sending police to lock the workers who protested behind bars, as how Wang Yang did in Guangdong, Bo Xilai sent law enforcement officers to deal with the wage-robbing suckers.

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